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The Poetry of Pizza

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A Play in Four Slices

Professor Sarah Middleton arrives in Denmark to teach at the University of Copenhagen, only to find her life thrown off course when she stops by the Vermundsgade Pizzeria. She falls head over heels in love with the pizza maker, Soran Saleen, a Kurdish refugee who wins her heart with his unusual pizzas. Sarah and Soran’s unlikely courtship arouses the curiosity and passions of everyone around them (an assortment of Danish, Arab and American characters) setting in motion a rash of culinary courtships, cross cultural misunderstandings and a chaotic comedy of errors.

“In an entertainment industry woefully inept at accurate and humane portrayals of Arabs, Muslims and Iraqis, The Poetry of Pizza is a romantic feel-good (and taste-good) comedy that spans cultural gulfs while celebrating heartfelt human connection. This is a sit-back-and-smile farce replete with Danish agoraphobics, Middle Eastern pizza chefs, and busy-body voyeurs, all in love with the idea of finding true love.” —Mixed Blood Theatre, Minneapolis

The Women of Lockerbie

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A mother from New Jersey roams the hills of Lockerbie Scotland, looking for her son’s remains which were lost in the crash of Pan Am 103. She meets the Women of Lockerbie, who are fighting the US Government to obtain the clothing of the victims found in the plane’s wreckage. The women, determined to convert an act of hatred into an act of love, want to wash the clothes of the dead and return them to the victim’s families. The Women of Lockerbie is loosely inspired by a true story, although the characters and situations in the play are purely fictional. Written in the structure of a Greek tragedy, it is a poetic drama about the triumph of love over hate.

Winner, Silver Medal, Onassis International Playwriting Competition; and, the Kennedy Center Fund for New American Plays Award (more…)

Signs of Life

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On a magical night in New Jersey, the stars talk to Abe, Sal gets a magic tattoo and a journey begins. Abe and Sal take off across the country, following the stars and looking for Birth and Life. Signs of Life is loosely based on the Sarah and Abraham story from the Old Testament–spun out of the Holy Land and onto the Interstate Highways of the American West. The play is a comic meditation on faith, doubt and spirituality.

Awards: Rockefeller Foundation playwriting fellowship; Gold Medalist, 2004 Pinter Review Prize for Drama; Winner, Jane Chambers Playwriting Award; Theatre Conspiracy playwriting contest; Hanover College/Lily Foundation Playwriting Contest, 2nd place. (more…)