On a magical night in New Jersey, the stars talk to Abe, Sal gets a tattoo and a journey begins.  Abe and Sal take off across the country, following the stars and looking for Birth and Life. A comic meditation on faith, doubt, fertility and spirituality set on the highways of the American West.

Awards: Jane Chambers Playwriting Award; Gold Medal, Pinter Review Prize for Drama.

“The audience is at constant odds with themselves on whether to laugh or cry.”  —Whalesong, Juneau Alaska

“Signs of Life is an eloquent statement of hope.”   —The Register Citizen, Hartford CT

“…a funny, bittersweet comedy about life, dreams and the power of love”  —Info Juneau (Alaska)

“Totally Enchanting… Beautifully written…Dialogue is rich…You’ll laugh all through it!”  —Islander Newspaper, Ft. Myers, FL