The Blue-Sky Boys

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The Blue-Sky Boys dramatizes the unorthodox creative process used by a group of maverick engineers at NASA to land men on the moon. There are extended sequences with such influences as Buck Rogers, Icarus, Galileo, Apollo, the Red Baron, Snoopy, Louis Leaky and others. A comedy/drama about the intersection of creativity and science, The Blue-Sky Boys is a play in two acts with an all-male cast.

Commissioned by the EST/Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Science and Technology Project. Winner of the Galileo Prize.

"The Blue-Sky Boys soars. It has plenty of laughs, plenty of imagination, some real human emotion."    —Bristol Herald Courier, Bristol TN

"Remarkably original"—Washington County News, Abingdon, VA

"What a magical play, and one so fitting for today’s theatre. The Blue-Sky Boys dwells in our collective dreams." Jennifer Juul, Radford University, VA (Panelist, Barter Theatre’s Festival of New Works)

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