Libretto by Deborah Brevoort; Music by Aleksandra Vrebalov

A group of military wives, whose husbands are fighting in Fallujah, gather together because of rumors about a possible incident on the war front. As the women await word about what has taken place, a young Army officer drives across the western plains to deliver them the news. A one-act opera for three soloists and a chorus, The Knock takes the audience into the lives of America’s military spouses, a group not yet seen on the opera stage. Commissioned by the Glimmerglass Opera Festival and Cincinnati Opera.

“An evocative and beautifully woven piece, The Knock manages to be many things at once, reverential and damning, internal and operatic….” — Opera News

…”The film contrasts operatic expression of the characters’ inner lives with their ordinary activities…. The Knock tells, with notable care and nuance, a story not just set in America, but one that is singularly American.” — Opera News

The Knock