New Libretto by Deborah Brevoort/Music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Deborah’s new version of Mozart’s comic opera places Mozart himself at the center of the story as he struggles to bring a new opera to the stage. Pitted between two dueling divas who demand bigger and better parts, and his business manager Buff, who demands rewrites of the music in order to increase tickets sales, Mozart as a young composer struggles to reconcile the demands of commerce with the demands of art. A one-act opera with four characters; commissioned by the Anchorage Opera.

“Deborah Brevoort’s translation freshens up the repartee and keeps it both clever and funny. The witty spoken dialogue helped the show succeed and left the audience laughing.”  Alaska Dispatch News, Anchorage

“Entertaining from beginning to end.”  Audience member, Anchorage, Alaska

“Deborah Brevoort’s version of The Impresario is a total hoot. It’s fast paced and very funny. The by-play between Mozart and Buff is terrific, and the feud between the two ladies, which can often become tiresome, is really well written.” —David Gately, opera director