Libretto by Deborah Brevoort; Music by Michael Ching.

A wealthy businessman and his trophy wife are unfulfilled in their marriage. They both search internet dating sites for extra-marital partners and, upon finding suitable matches, make dates to meet. But their romantic liaisons don’t go as planned; in the end, both the husband and wife are caught cheating. The underlying problem in their marriage is revealed, leading them to an understanding.

Dinner 4 3 is a 10-minute opera inspired by Boccaccio’s The Decameron (Day 5, Story 10). Produced during the Covid-19 pandemic as part of an opera web series titled “Tales from a Safe Distance” by Fargo Moorhead Opera and the Decameron Opera Coalition. For more info, visit:

“Dinner 4 3 is a tale of infidelity gone very very wrong…with a hilarious twist.”
–Esplanade, Singapore

“Dinner 4 3 is light, breezy and thoroughly delightful. Deborah Brevoort packs Ching’s score with a series of punchlines.”
-In Forum, Fargo N.D.

“Dinner 4 3, from Fargo-Moorhead Opera, is a sex farce involving wayward spouses…this is grownup Doris Day/Rock Hudson territory and is delightful.”
-Houston Press

“Dinner 4 3″ has the fizziness of a Rossini one-acter. Deborah Brevoort’s tart libretto is one of the best in the entire series, and its wittiness and ironies are relished by the sparky soloists.” —Star Tribune, Minneapolis MN

“Best of 2020. “Tales from a Safe Distance” is one of the top 11 industry-defining moments of the year. A unique, multi-faceted, online opera experience.”
– Opera Wire

2020 “Freddie Award” for Excellence in Opera —WQXR (NY Public Radio)

“360 Degrees of Opera” award

Included in the Library of Congress’s Performing Arts Covid-19 Response Collection