An Amish Hip Pop Musical.
Book & Lyrics by Deborah Brevoort/Music & Lyrics by Stephanie Salzman.
Amish painting by John Richard James.

Rebecca is an Amish girl with a talent for singing. When she meets Reverend Blue, an itinerant hip-hop preacher, and begins to participate in his street corner “Hymn Hops,” she draws media attention, raising the ire of her family and community. Rebecca’s musical gifts lead her to New York where she is thrown headfirst into the world of pop culture with its devotion to individualism and celebrity, values in stark contrast with Amish life.   Crossing Over explores the cross-cultural and cross-religious relationships that go to the heart of contemporary American life.  The score begins in the world of Amish hymn and ends in the world of hip hop, R&B and pop.

Currently in development

ASCAP musical theatre workshop
Grow a Show at the Lied Center, Lincoln, Nebraska
Writer’s Residency, CAP 21