Works tagged with ‘comedy’

The Poetry of Pizza

main image A Play in Four Slices. Professor Sarah Middleton arrives in Denmark to teach at the University of Copenhagen, only to find her life thrown off course when she stops by the Vermundsgade Pizzeria. She falls head over heels in love with the pizza maker, Soran Saleen,…

Signs of Life

main image On a magical night in New Jersey, the stars talk to Abe, Sal gets a tattoo and a journey begins.  Abe and Sal take off across the country, following the stars and looking for Birth and Life. A comic meditation on faith, doubt, fertility and…

Covered Dishes

A story about two middle-aged women—one white, one black—who become suddenly single and try to negotiate their way through the middle-aged singles scene. Commissioned and optioned by Fox Searchlight and Goat Cay Productions (Sigourney Weaver); Finalist, Sundance Lab. Honorable Mention, Providence Screenwriting competition.